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Can i buy hoodia in australia ? 5:43:04 AM PflGlace ive seen 2 people in this room with hoodies 4:43:07 AM loxias44 So the new subreddit? 5:43:08 AM PflGlace i saw some random guys on irc using the name of hoodie, but they've abandoned it or never made any other posts 5:43:09 AM sivaltaja666 Hoodies, hats, anything cool in australia 5:43:18 AM zacketysack 57? 5:43:25 sicklyboy Yes guys, the subreddit is "" 5:43:29 AM PflGlace but there is no need for us to know it's australia 5:43:32 AM TheHusky11 voted to STAY 5:43:45 AM sicklyboy Thanks, PflGlace 5:43:46 you're welcome 5:45:00 AM p4p4k4p we'll be doing the subreddit once mod drama is gone 5:45:13 AM sivaltaja666 What do you guys want to this for? Can we go with your plan, or do you want to it another way? 5:45:15 AM [robin] polls are closing soon, please vote 5:45:16 AM [robin] connecting 5:45:22 zacketysack 49, 50, 51 5:45:24 AM koopajoey I'm voting stay 5:45:24 AM asamermaid so what's our plan then 5:45:34 AM bostonkreamdonut whats our plan if rooster votes to stay 5:45:34 AM sivaltaja666 If we take it from people who have only one mod account in the whole chat room you will be left with the last group one 5:45:42 AM scryethechosen How far is it to the other party 5:45:49 AM [robin] RATELIMIT | you are doing that too much. try again in 2 seconds. 5:45:49 AM You have 1 vote in the last 50 minutes. 5:45:49 AM asamermaid but can we keep the voting open 5:45:52 AM [robin] No valid combinations in last 50 minutes. 5:45:53 AM koopajoey I agree 5:45:55 TheHusky11 Yeah but if rooster votes to stay, our plan's done 5:46:00 AM PflGlace we're in the room it's fine. 50 mins or we're all doomed 5:46:04 AM asamermaid but whats the best plan then 5:46:08 AM [robin] RATELIMIT | you are doing that too much. try again in 60 seconds. 5:46:08 AM You have 1 vote in the last 50 minutes. 5:46:09 AM Scryethechosen You Buy cialis real can not leave until the next group is established 5:46:14 AM asamermaid i want to play for a bit but if he's leaving 5:46:16 AM TheHoneyBadger You can not leave until the next group of people is formed 5:46:18 AM PFLGlace the more people who vote, less room for abuse 5:46:18 AM bostonkreamdonut you're a boss, bro 5:46:18 AM Hoodia 400mg $363.92 - $1.35 Per pill TheHoneyBadger But if the other 50 are going to stay, we're gonna die 5:46:21 AM scryethechosen It's just like voting, but without the suspense lol 5:46:22 AM bostonkreamdonut they can vote as many times they want 5:46:28 AM asamermaid i dont like the plan at all 5:46:36 AM PflGlace it is a great option because we have a strong sub now 5:46:36 AM bostonkreamdonut we're not done growing 5:46:38 AM scryethechosen We can do it 5:46:38 AM koopajoey I vote to stay. 5:46:42 AM asamermaid but if he really did this, why would he want to do this when we've got his shit to prove 4 hours later? 5:46:43 AM TheHoneyBadger Stay for the love of god! 5:46:44 AM PflGlace stay 5:46:46 asamermaid im just saying, there's more people then 4 who have 2 mods 5:46:51 AM [robin] RATELIMIT | you are doing that too much. try again in 1 second. 5:46:51 AM Stay 5:46:53 Buy online viagra canada PflGlace it's a good option 5:46:54 AM scryethe.

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