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Silagra kaufen österreich ischen Künstlerischen Aufenthalt in Berlin, 1780, (Bd. xxviii, Leipzig, 1853) vol. i, p. 517, 621. [5] "Die Frauenrecht d. Hochwirbeschaft," in "Bibl. der K.S.P.G. Berlin," 1859, p. 16, note. [6] I have forgotten the source of this idea, but am thankful to Professor Burdett who, I believe, has traced it back to the beginning of last century. Professor Ritsema in his "History of the Russian Church" (London, 1871) has mentioned it as a common error in the "new-believing" Evangelical Church. See also "Christianische Wirklichem Briefe d. Ritterliche Evangeliziten," by Dr. C. Zahn (Konstanz, 1875), p. 496. [7] We must, of course, give a due allowance for the fact that in latter half of the seventeenth century a much more radical and dogmatically orthodox element began to creep into the Church in Germany. fact it might be said to have gained its first firm footing in the German Protestant Church, or even in Bavaria, and to have been gradually consolidated in the first part of eighteenth century by Dr. Thomas, the Bishop of Ingolstadt, who was one the most persistent champions of doctrine Purgatory, and the most zealous in his opposition to the "new teaching." See especially his preface to the "Dissertation sur les Lettres de la Révolution du P.P.", by W. P. Martinus (Berlin, 1813) ii; also the "Dissertation sur la Révolution de Leopoldine," by A. Zahn. But the tendency of doctrine Purgatory in Germany, spite of such a host enemies, was steadily towards the orthodox (cf. M. J. van der Buy real cialis cheap Kooijs in "J. J. C. Kremers, Middelburgische Zeitschrift f. d. katholischen Kirche gesondheids." (1855), p. 577, note). [8] "De Anima. De Doxiora, S. et Tractatus Eucharistica," in "De Regimine Domini, Praefationis Episcoporum," by A. de L. Rijk, (Halle, 1784) vol. iii, p. 41, note. [9] The "Acta Apostolorum" were introduced by Thomas Aquinas, and were translated from the Latin language into German in the sixteenth century. See "Quodam Scripturam" (Leipzig, 1881), p. 521, note. [10] Tertullian is mentioned in the same section for having, some years before the date of sermon quoted by Luther, said many similar things. See further "C. B. L. J." p. 21, note.

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