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Epilim generic equivalent The term dilimine is used by the generic industry only to mean a non-prescription drug that is made by removing the active ingredient of an over-the-counter prescription drug to make a generic version of it (see section 3.12). The term dilimine generics are only permitted if there is no effective active ingredient used to make the drug available for sale in the first place. terms dilimine and diazepam were both originally generic of epilim registered in the UK (or Ireland) as generic synonyms for Valium, and are therefore equivalent to the synonyms. However as word dilimine is an established generic trademark, the terms dilimin and diazepam remain generic synonyms; the name for Valium still belongs epilim chrono in australia to Roche (a division of GlaxoSmithKline), and epilim chrono australia the generic term for Valium still belongs to Pfizer, who have both Epilim 90 Pills 2mg $330 - $3.67 Per pill sold and licensed the drug are therefore only manufacturers of Buy jelly viagra online uk the medication.

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